We Were Able to Adopt a Senior Dog from a Shelter when We Finally Moved to a Pet-Friendly Apartment

When the rent went up three years in a row, we decided to not renew our lease and look for apartments near Towson instead. I have no idea why the landlord kept raising the rent but not fixing up the place. More and more tenants were moving out, and the apartments were staying empty. The landlord told us we could stay on a month to month basis until we found a new place. I think he wanted everyone to move out so the property could be developed into something else. I am glad the rent did what it did at our old place as it was what was needed to get us to look for a new place. We needed that extra kick in the pants to motivate us to make better use of our housing budget.

We looked at Rodgers Forge Apartments and were amazed that for about the same cost in rent we could have such a nice apartment. Water, sewer and trash are included in the rent there. We were paying separate at our old place. There is a night patrol, playground and a dog play area as well. We could finally adopt a dog! We have been wanting to adopt a senior dog at the shelter where we volunteer, and now she could come home with us to our new apartment. That alone made it worth moving.

We got used to where we were at and did not know there was something better out there for the same amount of rent money per month. We have been enjoying our new place. I like it that we have a gas stove in the kitchen. I have never liked our electric stove for cooking in all the years we have been at our old place. We finally moved out a few months ago, and we have been enjoying life with our new family member at Rodgers Forge.

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