We Needed a Two Bedroom Apartment

My wife and I don’t have any kids nor do we ever have overnight guests, but we still needed to look at two bedroom apartments in New Haven CT when we decided to move us both closer to where we work. We used to share the same bedroom, but we discovered early on in our marriage that it was just not possible when we have to be up for work the next morning. On weekends, it is okay because she can handle my snoring then, but not when she has to be alert at five in the morning.

Truth be told, we actually like having our own bedrooms anyway. I am a night owl who enjoys watching the news or a ball game before going to sleep, while she is the type to want the lights off as soon as she puts her head on the pillow. We were able to find a two bedroom unit at College and Crown, and it has exceeded both of our expectations.She has the master bedroom there because of the closet space and the master bath that is attached to it. I don’t mind using the bathroom across the hall from my room, which is the same one that guests use if we do have anyone over for dinner or just to socialize.

The living room is a nice size too, and we often find ourselves in there after we make a delicious dinner in the fabulous kitchen there, or if we order takeout from one of the many restaurants in the area that delivers. This is just the perfect place for us both because we are closer to work, and it just feels like a comfortable fit for us. We have even met a few other couples here who I think are going to become really great friends.

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