We Both Liked the Same Apartment

I am the type of person who has to have a plan for nearly everything. I knew that I wanted to propose to my girlfriend, but I also knew that it would be a short engagement and we would need a place to live once we were married. We were just so much in love that neither one of us wanted to wait very long at all! I did an online search for buy apartment in Istanbul, hoping that I would be able to compile a short list of apartments for the two of us to look at together.

I was able to find a great website that helped me a lot with this. Even though the decision was 100 percent going to be from both of us, I still had an inkling of an idea on what she would like because we are so much alike. I was able to put together a list of 10 apartments that would be perfect for us for any number of reasons. We only needed a one bedroom apartment, and we wanted it to have a lot of amenities that we could enjoy together.

We also wanted to be in a specific neighborhood, because neither one of us want to have to make a long commute into work. I proposed to her the week after getting this list together, and she said yes just as I knew she would. When I showed her the list of apartments, she immediately picked out the same one that was my favorite. We both love it so much because of the gorgeous view from our balcony, plus it has a Turkish bath and spa, swimming pool, restaurants and cafes and so much more either right there or within walking distance. We got married less than two months later, and we now call that apartment home.

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