We Are Getting Read for a Wonderful Life Change

I knew that I would one day live in another country. I was never quite sure when it happened, but I had hoped that it would happen by me moving elsewhere in retirement. I also knew that it would only happen if my husband was okay with doing the same, and he is. We had been looking at apartments for sale in Turkey for quite some time. I started my plan in motion about 10 years ago, and had been slowly getting everything organized. I knew it would not be hard to do, but I also wanted to make sure that we did everything right.

I knew that I would not move to another country while my parents were alive. Both of them passed in the last couple of years. My husband felt the same way, but now both of his parents passed, too. So, that is one of the reasons we decided to do long-term planning. We had no idea how long our parents would be living, and we did not really want to focus on that. Instead, we mostly wanted to focus on spending as much time with family as we could. If both sets of our parents had the luck of being alive for many years, we figured that moving elsehwere would not happen until we reached our late sixties or early seventies. Sadly, now that none of them are living any longer, we no long have the family we cherished so much, but we do have our moving plans to look forward to.

We flew to Turkey to handle all the paperwork last month. We now own an apartment there. It has all the amenities that we can expect to get anywhere else. But the nice thing is that we outright own the place, we’re not just renting. We love that we won’t have to worry about upkeep outside our place because that will be handled for us.

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