I’m Living in a Better Apartment Now

I was really looking forward to finding a larger apartment. I know that a lot of people want a bigger apartment because they either got married, acquired a roommate, or even had a child. For me, none of those life events happened. What did happen was I was given a really nice raise at work, and I knew that I would finally be able to reach some of my goals. The first one I wanted was to look at the Atlantic Peachtree Corners apartments because I was tired of feeling like I was living in a very small shoe box.

While technically my apartment was not a studio, it sure felt like it. I also did not like that there were no community amenities. I am not spoiled or anything, but it does seem like all of the new apartment complexes, even the ones that have been around for a little while, have all kinds of things to draw potential tenants there. I was living in a very old apartment building that was certainly charming, but charming was not enough for me to want to stay there. I already had my eye on the one I wanted to move to, mainly because it is a lot closer to where I work.

Not only would I be living in a nicer apartment with more things to do, but I would also be gaining about 30 minutes more per day since I would not have to use that time in my commute. The new apartment has a swimming pool, a fitness center, a clubhouse, outdoor areas for picnics or just to relax and so much more. The apartment I got has two bedrooms, a gorgeous view from the balcony, and it even has laundry hookups right in the actual apartment. I am so thankful for that raise, because that is what made this move possible.

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