Going to Start an Apartment Search

I have spent the last three days looking at single bedroom apartments in Henderson NV. Of course I was pretty happy with the previous arrangements, but the girl I had been living with decided that she was no longer willing to continue. It was not as though I had much reason to be surprised, she was always very flighty and prone to disappear without warning. On the other hand she was not anything like other girls when it came to money. She never wanted to be in my debt and the whole time that I lived with her, she never let me help her with the rent. Of course that was a simple logic, it was her place and she intended to act as though she were the absolute monarch. So when she decided it was time for me to go, that was all that there was to it.

The strange thing is that she is apparently not breaking up with me. Right after she told me to leave, she told me that we were going to go see her aunt next weekend. I was taken aback by the idea, but it was not really all that surprising in the context of our relationship. In fact everything is about control with her, she has to have all of the power in a relationship. I do not understand it and I have given up trying. Of course I am proceeding as though the relationship is at it’s end, even though she has a different idea. What exactly she intends is a real mystery to me. I asked her to explain it, but that was not something that was of interest to her. It is a strange thing to say the least, but of course you have to deal with people as best you can.

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